Sentence example with the word 'obsolescent'


Definition adj. becoming obsolete

Last update: September 16, 2015


Computers make many technological obsolescent.   [Please select]


In short, the country was already thoroughly democratic in spirit, while Federalism stood for obsolescent social ideas and was infected with political "Toryism" fatally against the times.   [Please select]


Agnathous: without jaws; specifically applied to those Neuropteroid series in which the mouth structures are obsolescent.   [Please select]


It swept many obsolescent and evil things away, but many evil and unjust things remained.   [Please select]


The public denounced this attempt to strangle its liberties and reviled the Police Chief as the would be enforcer of obsolescent blue laws.   [Please select]


And yet the gray wolves of the Republican Party, and its Old Guard, and its Machine, proclaimed to the country that its obsolescent doctrines represented the desires and the ideals of the United States in 1912.   [Please select]

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