Sentence example with the word 'afflatus'


animating spirit, apocalypse, creativity, demon, divine inspiration, epiphany, fire of genius, infection, moving spirit, poesy, revelation, talent, theopneustia

Definition n. a strong creative impulse

Last update: July 8, 2015


As no one could curse Jesus except under the influence of a devilish afflatus, so none could say "Jesus is Lord" except he was inspired by the Holy Spirit.   [Please select]


Stevenson can have had little or nothing of that inspiriting afflatus.   [Please select]


The divine afflatus, Mr O'Madden Burke said.'   [Please select]


The ideal poet is thin instead of obese, and he is a reckless innovator who lays claim to any measure of the divine afflatus without possessing either a pale face, thin form, or a garret.   [Please select]


His worship was afraid that he might make the offer good, and the poet was released, after promising to imbibe less frequently when he felt the divine afflatus about to descend upon him.   [Please select]

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